Made Men: Time To Get The (Undead) Gang Back Together Again!

by Richard Bruton

Following the hit series last year, Oni Press is bringing out the collected edition of Made Men: Getting the Gang Back Together, by Paul Tobin and Italian artist Arjuna Susini, with colors by Gonzalo Duarte and letters by Saida Temofonte.

Jutte Shelley is not just a cop, she’s a Frankenstein.

So when Jutte and her squad of Detroit police officers are gunned down, ambushed, killed in the line of duty, she does just what you’d expect from someone with her family history, and brings them back. She’s been using the ancient secrets of her ancestral line and the alchemical knowledge of her grandmother, sister to old Victor, to create something of a potion, and it’s that potion that brings her back, keeps her alive. But the rest of her team aren’t so lucky. They’re deader than dead. But then again, when did a Frankenstein let a little death get in their way, eh?
But, when you’re trying to bring your cop friends back from the dead and then get revenge on whatever lowlife had them killed, you can’t rightly go through the official channels, can you? Which is why Jutte ends up busting down the door of the Detroit mob for help.

“I thought you said you’d rather be dead than work with someone like me?”
“And I thought you’d heard I was dead?”

And thus begins the kick-ass tale of Made Men: Getting The Gang Back Together.
Yes, she gets the gang back together, but her squad took some serious damage in the hit, and no matter what Jutte does, she’s not capable of miracles. So, they come back… different than they were before, very, very different.
And from here, it’s a non-stop ride to the end, with Jutte and her ‘Made Men’ working together to extract their revenge.
When the series came out, it was one of those that I’d meant to get but just missed out on for one reason or another. So getting hold of it in this collection, thanks to Oni Press, meant I finally got around to reading it. And damn, it’s good. It’s one of those that’s just so much fun, paced beautifully, with great artwork, and action that doesn’t let up. Tobin’s writing is fast, and although there are moments through it all where the dialogue feels a little clunky, it’s one of those books where you’re so invested in having a good time right till the final page, that little issues such as that really don’t matter all that much.
Made Men: Getting The Gang Back Together is one of those great Hollywood action movies of a comic series, and in collection the pages just absolutely zip past, with everyone involved delivering the goods.
In fact, I was sold within the first few pages of chapter one of the collection, and those first few pages are right there below. Read ’em and I pretty much guarantee you’ll be as sold on the collection as I was!
Made Men: Getting the Gang Back Together hits comic shops July 11, 2018 and bookstores July 26, 2018.

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