A More “Proactive” Superman: Bendis on Superman And Action Comics

by Olly MacNamee

[***Warning, this item contains spoilers for Man of Steel #6, out this week. So, maybe read that first and then this?]
Over at The Beat, Brian Michael Bendis talks all things Superman ahead of his double whammy as writer of both Superman and Action Comics. As well as disowning any loyalty to the local baseball team, the Cleveland Browns (you can’t like everything your hometown has, right?), he reaffirmed his close connection to Superman through his upbringing in said city as the home of Siegel and Shuster at the time of Superman’s conception and difficult birth. As a young Jewish boy, he simply couldn’t escape the lure of Kal-El, being reminded by many in his community that “Superman was created by Jewish boys”.
Beyond that, he also graciously acknowledged the great work done by his predecessors, prior to the huge #1000 a couple of months ago now, but also seems to claim he’s on these titles for a long time to come, saying that he has a responsibility to “the person who is going to have this gig after me in seventeen years, (and) make them feel as good as I feel at this moment“. Talk about excited, coming to this as both a lifelong fan and well established professional, too. You get the feeling that this really is the job of a lifetime and I’m pleased for him.

Here’s a few other choice tidbits about is forthcoming plans for the big blue Boy Scout he teased out in the interview:
His Superman is going to be more “proactive” than ever before and asking himself, “Is he doing enough?” And leading to “some new stuff in the DC universe because of the choices that Superman and his family have made“. And, years after reading a very proactive Marvelman, I’m glad to finally see Supes step up too.
On his decisions to refocus on the importance of the Daily Planet in the lives of Clark and company, Bendis recognises our current interest as a global populace and the fact that, “not since the days of Watergate have people been so tuned into the machinery of journalism and what it means, and how delicate it is. On every level“.
On his recent decisions to wipe out Kandor, The Fortress of Solitude, and take Lois and Jon off the board, for now, he had this to say:

In Superman #1 we are already introducing the brand new Fortress of Solitude…it’s very inspired by what Scott Snyder did with the Hall of Justice in Justice League. We’re going to really turn it into a magical, cool place that you imagine Superman would live.

As for Lois and Jon. Well, she shows up in Action Comics #1001, and Jon isn’t too far behind too, after his time with “Grandpa” Jor-El.
Oh, and there’s a rematch with new Superman enemy, Rogol Zaar to look forward to as well “and what he’s doing in the Phantom Zone“.
It all sounds interesting, bombastic and, well, super, too. I’m really looking forward to his take on a Superman for the modern age.
Superman #1 is out July 11th, with Action Comics #1001 out on July 25th. Make sure they’re on your pull list now!

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