Gear Up For Vampires In Domino #7

by James Ferguson

Domino’s mutant power is luck, but will it be enough to fight back vampires? That’s where Neena Thurman finds herself in Domino #7, coming in October from Marvel Comics. This issue begins an all-new story arc following the events of the Domino Annual. The title character learns that she’s not the only temptress putting everyone under her spell.

Domino #7 cover by Gang Hyuk Lim.

Domino #7 is written by Gail Simone and illustrated by David Baldeon. This issue welcomes Gang Hyuk Lim as the new regular cover artist.
Editor Chris Robinson says:

Domino isn’t just for X-fans anymore. Gail and David have big plans that take Neena Thurman up against some unexpected threats from the larger Marvel Universe.

Domino #7 is scheduled for release on October 10th, 2018.

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