SDCC 2018: Sun’s Out, Wands Out In Wizard Beach From Boom! Studios

by James Ferguson

After Harry Potter came out, a whole lot of people started looking for their letter from Hogwarts. This December, they’ll have to settle for a magical vacation with Wizard Beach from Boom! Studios. The new five-issue mini-series from writer Shaun Simon and artist Conor Nolan, takes place in a world where wizards are very real and all they want to do is chill at the beach.

Once hidden from prying eyes, wizards, witches, frost giants and all kinds of magical creatures are now part of the norm. A young wizard named Hexley Daggard Ragbottom wants to end the frost of his homeland and seeks out his Uncle Salazar for the task, who happens to be the greatest wizard of all time. Uncle “Sally” has other plans though. The guy just wants to nap.
Writer Shaun Simon says:

Wizard Beach is about leaving the cold, unrelenting, and dreary life in the mountains for a stress free and relaxing life on the beach. The book doesn’t take itself too seriously, something our main character, Hexley Daggard Ragbottom does when he arrives at the beach. With hopes to learn scholarly magic from his uncle, Hex leaves his old life behind. But when the humorless and rigid boy finds his Uncle Salazar lounging on the beach Hex will either learn to let go of his old ways and chill out or live a miserable, high strung life. For me, like the premise of the book, Wizard Beach is me letting go of what I thought I should be writing and learning that’s it’s ok to write what I want—to let my guard down and have fun and be funny along the way.

Wizard Beach #1 will feature a main cover by series artist Conor Nolan. After seeing his work in Bedtime Games from Dark Horse Comics, I am very curious to see his style in this quirky comic.
Artist Conor Nolan adds:

Wizard Beach asks the question, ‘Where does the magical world go to vacation? The answer lies within our story as we navigate the strange new home of our protagonist, Hexley. The journey will entail copious amounts of ridiculous magic, sun baked high adventure, and possibly a basilisk under the boardwalk. Shaun and I have been building this world for some time, and hope that each issue will be a day at the beach for readers.

Wizard Beach is part of Boom! Studios’ Road to San Diego, announcing a number of new titles and looks at upcoming releases leading up to San Diego Comic Con.
Sierra Hahn, Executive Editor, Boom! Studios says:

Wizard Beach is an upbeat family drama that, behind the humor and hijinks, provides a satirical look at global warming and how to happily exist in an ever-shrinking, high-stressed planet. The beach is an obvious cure-all for what ails ya! Or so we hope…

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