Duncan Jones Teases Rogue Trooper Film

by Erik Amaya

Director Duncan Jones’s second hint about his upcoming film suggests he will be adapting 2000 AD’s Rogue Trooper. The clue, a video this time, hit the director’s feed a short time ago.

Created by by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons in 1981, the 2000 AD strip told the adventures of a genetically engineered infantryman known as Rogue. He is immune to most toxins and can withstand a vacuum with his bare skin. He is accompanied into battle with a series of bio-chips — containing the memories and personalities of his fallen comrades — mounted into his gun, backpack and helmet. When his entire division is wiped out thanks to a treacherous general, he goes AWOL to hunt down the man responsible.
While not a complete confirmation, the reference to the 2000 AD Megaverse and the color and shape of Jones’s mohawk in the video left many of his Twitter followers to conclude Rogue Trooper is the comic book movie he teased last week as his next project.
Curiously, Grant Morrison was once involved in a Rogue Trooper film adaptation, but it is doubtful Jones will be using that script. Morrison’s involvement ended seven years ago. Jones’s effort is, presumably, a complete new take on the character and universe.

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