SDCC 2018: Electric Warriors Explores ‘Aggressive Diplomacy’ This November

by James Ferguson

I am a sucker for comic tales from the future or alternate realities. That’s why my ears perked up when I heard about Electric Warriors, coming in November from DC Comics. The six-issue mini-series, written by Steve Orlando and illustrated by Travel Foreman, is set in the year 2735, where Earth has emerged from the Great Disaster to rejoin the galaxy only to find a universe teetering on the break of galactic war. In an effort to prevent Armageddon, interplanetary conflicts are settled through Trial by Combat, with diplomatic gladiators known as Electric Warriors.

Writer Steve Orlando says:

Like Overwatch or Battle Royale,  Electric Warriors will feature a team of unique, memorable leads representing a wide spectrum of readers in a setting rife with danger and adventure, This is the unexplored future of Jack Kirby’s DC Universe, rising from the Great Disaster of Kamandi. If the Legion of Superheroes is the universe’s Age of Enlightenment, the setting of Electric Warriors is more akin to the Dark Ages.

I absolutely love that description of the series. It instantly gives you an idea of what to expect by comparing it to the Legion of Superheroes. Electric Warriors focuses on diplomacy, albeit a violent version and what happens when the players find out the game has been rigged by those they’ve chosen to serve.
Artist Travel Foreman added:

I’m very excited about Electric Warriors, I’ve been a fan from afar of Steve Orlando and it’s amazing to have the chance to bring his vision for the book to life. What I think people are going to enjoy most about the book are the brand-new characters, each with a tie to DC legacy, set in a section of the DC lore rarely touched upon. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Electric Warriors is set to debut in November 2018.

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