SDCC 2018: Black Crown Announce Lodger By David And Maria Lapham

by Olly MacNamee

From the creative team that brought you the Eisner Award-winning series, Stray BulletsDavid and Maria Lapham. Coming this October, Lodger is described as “a pulse-pounding game of cat-and-mouse through roadside America between a vengeful young woman and the serial killer who ruined her life.” It was announced at the IDW/Black Crown panel, but here’s a closer look at the series we’re juts learning about.
First up, Shelly Bond, Black Crown’s ruling monarch, had this to say about the creative duo on this new title:

The Laphams bring over twenty years of blood, guts, and glory to Black Crown with this lurid tale of lust, secret identities, and sweet revenge.

And here’s more on this promising looking new book:

Lodger follows a handsome drifter who murders his way through the Midwest while hiding in plain sight as a travel blogger using the alias “Lodger.” With an almost supernatural ability to change appearance, he leaves families in shreds and body bags in his wake. He’s pursued across the country by Ricky Toledo, a teenager who fell hard for the mysterious stranger years ago when he rented a small room in her home – right before he killed her mother and framed her father.

One part supernatural horror, an another part twisted love story, look out for Lodger this Fall form Black Crown.

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