Deathstroke Joe Manganiello Claims To Know The Character’s Film Future

by Erik Amaya


While the trailers for Aquman and Shazam! represent a change in direction for the DC Films universe, some of the ideas established in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League will continue on. But one of the more elusive elements moving forward is Deathstroke’s role in the film universe going forward. Played by actor Joe Manganiello in the Justice League post-credit teaser, the character seemed to have a long and storied presence ahead of him. But as production woes on Justice League and several other DC films altered the schedule, Manganiello and Deathstroke are stuck on Lex Luthor’s yacht.
But one person who has some idea of Slade Wilson’s future is Manganiello himself, who told Entertainment Weekly, “I know everything but I can’t say any of it.” The character was slated to appear as the main antagonist in Ben Affleck’s version of The Batman, but when director Matt Reeves took over, Affleck’s story was dropped entirely. Deathstroke was also intended to headline his own film under the director of The Raid‘s Gareth Edwards, but it is unclear if Edwards ever really signed on to direct.
“I say, ‘It’s in the works,’ because it is and there’s nothing further that I can say without speaking out of school,” Manganiello said.
Hopefully, there will be a place for Manganiello’s Deathstroke in the reformed DC Films universe. He’s a great character who can fight just about any headlining character. As EW noted, his teaser moment in Justice League suggests the arrival of a Legion of Doom, which would be a tremendous way to give the films a little cross-story momentum.

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