Summer TV Anime Guide, Part 3

by Sage Ashford

It’s a little late, but here we are with the final part of the Summer Anime TV Guide. Still, there are a couple shows on this list that will be brand-new…or still not out…by the time this publishes. This list is a little shorter, since like Winter, the Summer season is kind of a break between Spring and Fall, but there’s still some potential gems remaining. Maybe you’ll find your next favorite below!

Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight: As young girls, Karen and Hikari promise one another they’ll become a part of Starlight, a popular song and dance troupe. Hikari transfers to a different school, but Karen continues to train with the intent of reaching their shared goal. At age sixteen, the two meet again, competing in the audition to become accepted as women of Starlight.
Thoughts: I’m still getting the stars out of my eyes–that’s an absolutely beautiful trailer. Now that idol series have become so common it’s become more strange to see a season without one than with, series within that genre need to do more in order to stand out. This is a great start for that, as these girls aren’t “idols” in the traditional sense, but are instead part of a revue, lending a kind of old school “classic” feel to their actions. Though I’m currently behind on the show, I’m definitely giving this a try because it seems like the kind of twist I’ve been looking for.
Premiering: July 13th.

High Score Girl: Sixth grade boy Yaguchi Haruo is unpopular at school, and has no real positive traits aside from being good at video games. But while at his local arcade he meets Akira Oono, a young rich girl who’s pretty, smart, and kicks his butt not only at Street Fighter II, but every game they play together. No matter what he does, he can’t ever think of a way to beat her, but the more time they spend together, the more they start to become friends.
Thoughts: Dorky future incel gets in relationship. Hard pass. That said, the trailer definitely gave off some serious nostalgic vibes with flashbacks to so many great classic arcade and console games. They weren’t even expected rip-offs, Guile was just kicking the crap out of Zangief. This series probably has a bit of potential, but I’ll be sitting back to see what people think of it before I think of trying it.
Premiering: July 14th.

Lord of Vermilion: Guren no Ou: In 2030, a strange red fog falls onto the city of Tokyo, while a high-frequency resonance starts to be heard throughout the city. Those capable of hearing it pass out immediately, and it’s believed the fog has some kind of strange virus. Eventually the city returns to normal, but afterwards more and more strange events happen throughout the city, with people being dragged into mysteries they can’t explain. Young people in the village start to show signs of power hidden in their blood, and get pulled into twisted destinies.
Thoughts: Based on a video game, it’s never really sure how things like these are meant to turn out. Sometimes they wind up good like the first season of Rage of Bahamut or Z/X: Ignition, and then other times they end up absolutely terrible like BlazBlue or Devil May Cry. From what I’ve heard about this series thus far, it’s leaning more towards the latter than the former.
Premiering: July 14th.

Happy Sugar Life: Satou Matsuzaka has a habit of sleeping with one boy after another, but doesn’t really feel anything for them. But when she meets a young child named Shio, she’s convinced she’s fallen in love. Despite Satou’s innocence, there’s nothing she won’t do to protect her life alongside Shio, including murdering anyone who gets in their way. Where did she find this girl, and how long can their relationship work?
Thoughts: Just so we’re clear, this is absolutely what you think it is. An anime about a young teenage girl who kidnaps an even younger child after “falling in love”, and she turns into a sadistic murderer in order to keep their life together. From my understanding, this show gets about as grimy as you could imagine, complete with a cast of characters who are terrible monsters who likely deserve what happens. At least this anime isn’t hiding it’s gross weirdness, but yeah I’m staying pretty much as far away as possible.
Premiering: July 14th.

Grand Blue: Grand Blue is described by Kodansha as “a glorious college tale filled with booze-fueled antics”, and…yeah, we’re gonna go with that. The main character is Kitahara Iori, a guy who moved to a city by the sea to go to college. Grand Blue details this new chapter of his life, hanging out with likable idiots and beautiful women.
Thoughts: So if you took Free!, made the boys less pretty, and added some women to the cast, you’d get Grand Blue…? There’s likely a bit more to it than that, but that’s about where we are at the moment. I’m pretty bad with slice of life series unless they feel targeted towards my slice, but this looks like a fun version of college life, and anime doesn’t do that nearly often enough.
Premiering: July 14th.

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san: Homeless high-school boy Kogarahi believes he’s finally found a bit of luck when he happens upon Yuragi-sou, a boarding house that was once a hot springs inn, and happens to be full of beautiful female tenants. Kogarashi is told if he can use his powers to banish the ghosts, he’s allowed to live there rent-free! But when he learns the ghost is a teenage girl named Yuuna, he finds himself unsure about performing the exorcism. Will he be able to save Yuuna, and what are the secrets of the other tenants?
Thoughts: From the trailer, this is basically just Negima if done by someone who only cared about the fanservice–tons of girls with uniquely supernatural backgrounds, a main character with special powers, and the show descends into harem tropes quickly. The main character not having a home shakes things up, but I’m still not a big enough fan of this to go past just the first episode to see if its actually funny.
Premiering: July 14th.

We Rent Tsukumogami: During the Edo period, the Fukagawa ward of Edo found itself often dealing with acts of nature like fires and flooding. So residents rent most of their items from shops rather than buying them so they can run away without worry. In this part of town, Obeni and Seiji are a sister-brother duo who own a rental shop known as Izumoya. In their inventory are also tsukumogami, objects which gained a spirit to them after being around for a hundred years. Occasionally, the siblings lend these items to customers, and because they can talk with these spirits, other tsukomogami often find their way to their store.
Thoughts: This could have been a much more grimy show if they wanted. Intentionally lending haunted items to people for the sake of getting people to bring them back quicker is a pretty neat story idea I’ve never seen before. But it seems more like this is aiming to be a much more chill show following cute antics of otherwise nice spirits.  That has its merits, and I’m aiming to try the first episode or two out before doubtlessly petering out in favor of something else.
Premiering: July 23rd.

Attack on Titan S3: The third season of the mega-popular anime, this time Attack on Titan sees Eren subjected to experiments to learn more about his abilities. But after one of their connects is murdered, the team is forced to find yet another temporary home.
Thoughts: Dystopian series are just not for me, whether they’re extremely shonen or not. Still, this is either the last or next to last season of one of the most popular anime of the 2010s, and things are about to get extremely crazy from the things I’ve been told from manga readers. If you’re a fan of impossibly goofy plot twists, you should definitely check this out.
Premiering: July 23rd.

Fate/Extra: Last Encore:When Hakuno Kishinami awakens in a virtual world with amnesia, he’s made to fight in a war he doesn’t even understand for the ultimate prize: the chance to have a single wish granted. With only his so-called “servant” working with him, Hakuno is forced to fight friends and foes alike in battles to the death for the chance to attain the Holy Grail.
Thoughts: Over ten years ago, Fate/stay night aired. It was a simple two cour anime series with a mediocre cast (aside from Saber) and a smart concept used rather poorly. I was fairly certain that would be the end of things, but with Fate/Zero the franchise just kind of took off and hasn’t died off in the seven years since. This isn’t my thing, but for the Fate fans who needed another fix, one supposes this is here for you.
Premiering: July 29th.

Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation: Muhyo and Roji are experts at magical law. They specialize in bringing evil spirits to justice, from stopping unwanted spirit possession to having a ghost banished to the afterlife once and for all.
Thoughts: A Jump manga which finished roughly 10 years ago, it’s good to see it finally getting an anime adaptation. Will it be done justice? Well, that remains to be seen. I’ll give this a shot, but the horror bent it has could make me bow out earlier than I might otherwise. Still, I love that popular “short” series like this one are still getting adapted.
Premiering: August 3rd.
Overall, this feels like quite the weak season.  I’ve only seen a handful of shows stick out to me, some of which you’ll see covered here, and the rest I’ll likely watch a single episode of before dropping. I’ve been looking for a season where I could take a “break” in order to catch up on some older anime, and it looks like this is finally the one.

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