Hocus Pocus POPs Are Coming Exclusively To Spirit Of Halloween Stores

by Christine Marie Attardo

Who lit the black flame candle? Funko did. This Halloween season is bringing three of our favorite witches to life in collectible POP! Vinyl form! Yes, the very spooky Sanderson sisters are being released, Winifred, Mary, and Sarah!
Take a look:

Aren’t they adorable? But you won’t be able to get these POP!s just anywhere. They will be exclusive to Spirit of Halloween stores. So, we all know what that means. People are going to be waiting at the door, and buy them up like crazy. I’ve seen this happen with certain exclusives, where really the retailer should limit how many you can buy per customer. We shall see how it unfolds.
Get ready to grab one before they go up on eBay for triple their selling price. The Hocus Pocus POP! Vinyl’s will release this Fall.

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