Rogol Zaar Threatens More Than Just Krypton: Preview Superman #2 By Bendis And Reis

by Olly MacNamee

Judging from this preview (which first appeared on Screen Rant a couple of days ago) of this week’s Superman #2, Rogol Zaar may very well be responsible for more than just Krypton’s demise as he sets his sights on Tamaran, homeworld of Starfire. Seems Bendis is determined to ramp up Rogol Zaar’s boss-level status as he continues to intertwine this new character further into the tapestry and rich history of DC Comics. Seems Stafire and Superman have a shared enemy? I wonder how many others cosmic-based DC characters he’s affected in his travels though space? How many more has he made enemies of in a universes brimming with Green Lanterns, Omega Men and the like? Only time will tell. For now, here’s a preview of this week’s issue.

The world quakes and shakes as it begins to succumb to the effects of the entire planet being moved into the lifeless realm known as the Phantom Zone. As Superman works with the World’s Greatest Heroes, an old enemy trapped in the same prison returns to stop the Man of Steel and escape.

Superman #2 is out August 8th from DC Comics.

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