The Sexiest Comic Creators Of The 21st Century Bring You Charlie’s Angels #3

by Hannah Means Shannon

This week sees the arrival of a new issue of Dynamite’s series Charlie’s Angels, written by John Layman, with art by Joe Eisma. Covers on issue #3 are by Vicente Cifuentes and Joe Eisma.

Dynamite says, in language that suggests Mr. John Layman might have been involved in crafting this gripping solicitation:

Somethin’ ain’t right with Charlie, and not only are the missions he’s sending the Angels on also “not right,” but they are downright treasonous as well. It hasn’t taken the Angels long to figure out this Charlie might not be their Charlie— which means the next mission he sends them on may very well be a suicide mission! The sexiest crimefighters of the 70s are back, baby, with their greatest adventure yet chronicled by the sexiest comic creators of the 21st Century, John Freakin’ Layman and Joe Frickin’ Eisma!! If you miss this issue you will sink into a pit of existential despair so deep and dark and profound it may take you the rest of your life to recover!!!

You heard the man. This is a must-read comic due to sheer density of sexiness.
Check out a preview of issue #3 of Charlie’s Angels, arriving in shops today, on August 8th, 2018:

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