Nutmeg Bakes Bad & Gets Hardcover Collection In September

by James Ferguson

The coming-of-age comic, Nutmeg, about baking, friendship, and crime is getting a hardcover collection this September from Action Lab Entertainment. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the first six issues of the comic will be collected in this volume. Nutmeg is written by James F. Wright, illustrated by Jackie Crofts, and colored and lettered by Josh Eckert. It will feature a cover by Crofts.

Nutmeg follows Poppy and Cassia, two girls who become fast friends when they decide to upstage Saffron at her brownie-baking game. Their secret is a special, albeit questionable ingredient that creates a lot more problems than it solves. I am so very curious as to what this could be as it could take the series in a many different directions. Is it people? Why was that my first thought?

The Nutmeg hardcover clocks in at 160 pages of content and is scheduled for release on September 26th, 2018. It’s currently available for pre-order using the Diamond item code JUL181436.

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