Image To Publish Censorship Challenging Covers For CBLDF

by Olly MacNamee

This September Image Comics will be supporting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) with a series of variant covers aimed at highlighting censorship and freedom of speech. Each title will have two versions of the special CBLDF covers, one censored and one uncensored, with Image having released 12 of the censored covers, as you can see above and below.
Spearheaded by Hack/Slash creator, Tim Seely and Image Comics’ Publisher Eric Stephenson, here’s what Seeley had to say of this worthy campaign:

Comics have been uniquely affected by censorship since the very beginning. I wanted to do something with my fellow Image creators to call attention to the problem, and to raise money for CBLDF to help their efforts to fight back. They own the Comics Code Seal of Approval, the censorship stamp that used to govern almost all comics until that organization died in 2011. We thought we’d bring back the Code for one month, to show how ham-fisted those censorship attempts were while having some fun making money for the CBLDF’s important work.

Eric Stephenson adds;
Freedom of expression is a core value at Image Comics. Image has been a proud corporate member of the Fund for more than a decade. Their work ensures that the comics we make can reach their audiences through retailers, libraries, and online without local authorities interfering. CBLDF is constantly fighting book bans, helping creators and librarians behind the scenes in big and small ways, as well as keeping an eye out to challenge unconstitutional laws that would affect free expression. We’re grateful for their work and proud to support it.
To learn more about the CBLDF, please visit, and organisation supporting the comics’ community for over thirty years.


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