The Wonder And Trepidation Of Exploring Euthanauts #2 From Black Crown

by Olly MacNamee

Thalia Rosewood seems to be a woman very much in demand after the events of the last issue of Euthanauts. Everyone seems to want a piece of her, as she finds herself awakening in a coffin with a new found link to the plane of existence that lies beyond this mortal world of ours. It’s not the only surprise Thalia has this issue either, as we are given a more rounded introduction to characters we met in the first issue.
We learn more about the two hospital workers, Circe and Guillame, fellow euthanauts, who seem to have their own strange link to death and the big beyond that Thalia is now more susceptible to since her fateful meeting with Doctor Mercy Wolfe. We learn more about the deceased Doctor Wolfe and we enter her lab too, all beautifully rendered by Nick Robles who brings a sense of the dream-like to proceedings, one that breaks up the more rigid and regular panels of the waking world. The colour palette utilised by Eva De LA Cruz, all twilight browns, organges and yellows, add a warmth to the overall tone that is balanced against the colder blues of Wolfe’s lab and darker hues of the Death-Space.

Tini Howard offers up enough tidbits of information for the reader to decipher while still keeps us in the dark over many of the bigger questions. All the while, Thalia seems to wander through this issue with a sense of both wonder and in trepidation as she firstly escapes her coffin, meets up with Circe and Guillame, and has another ‘episode’ in which she seems to slip, once again, into the limbo world of the afterlife known as the Death-Space.
This is a fascinating, and oft-times humorous book that explores a subject in a far more philosophical depth than we are used to. After all, in the world of comic books, death is never a finality, but more of a marketing tool these days, with any death inevitably being reversed. It may be a rather morbid theme for a comic, but it’s dealt with in an engaging and interesting way that suggests a great deal of research around the subject of death and how it is perceived by differing religions and philosophies around the world.

Euthanauts still has that vibe of The Sandman about it, just a more grounded one, with our hero very much of this mortal realm. For now, anyway.
Euthanauts #2 is out now from Black Crown at IDW.

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