Stealing Moments From The Dead In Bone Parish #2

by Brendan M. Allen

As a drug made from the ashes of the dead continues to spread across New Orleans, the Winters family is forced to defend their turf from the encroaching drug cartels. But some mysterious deaths could threaten everyone in New Orleans…

You know that saying, “Don’t get high from your own supply?” Dante the ash dealer apparently never got that message. Having OD’d in the most horrifying, psychedelic, and erotic way possible, his corpse leaves the Winters in an awkward position. This is exactly the type of situation that mafia capo from last chapter was threatening to leverage against them. If only they had a few badges on payroll to soften the impact. Oh, wait. They do.

Cullen Bunn established the scene really well last chapter, leaving him lots of opportunity to explore the complex relationships of this series in Bone Parish #2. What really makes this thing work is the backgrounds and development of the family. How they ended up where they are. The experiences that shaped them into a felonious tribe and their nuanced interactions now that they’re here.

The artwork by Jonas Scharf and Alex Guimaraes continues to stun. There’s this amazing balance between the gritty reality of Bone Parish and the hyper saturation of ash trips. This chapter also features amazing flashback sequences that read like 8mm reels flipping through a Kodak Brownie 8.

I’m loving this series. It’s like Breaking Bad and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein had a beautiful and horribly twisted baby. Those elements of horror and occult noir are front and center, but now we’re getting poignant notes of family, loyalty, and personal tragedy.

Bone Parish #2, published by Boom! Studios, released 29 August 2018. Written by Cullen Bunn, illustrated by Jonas Scharf, colored by Alex Guimaraes, lettered by Ed Dukeshire, cover by Lee Garbett, unlocked retailer variant cover by Tyler Crook.

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