Pugs, Demons, And The End Of The World: Grumble From Albatross Funnybooks

by Hannah Means Shannon

Coming up in November, indie publisher Albatross Funnybooks, run by comics great Eric Powell, will be publishing a new hilarious magic-driven tale, Grumble, written by Rafer Roberts, and illustrated by Mike Norton, with colors by Marissa Louise.

In Grumble, Eddie gets turned into a pug and is on the run, while his daughter, who’s part demon, is trying to keep him alive. But there are bigger forces at work, too.
Albatross says:

When the forces of good and evil are hunting you down, the only logical thing to do is disguise yourself as a dog and go on the run! Eddie is a low-rent hustler who got magically turned into a pug during a con gone wrong. Tala is Eddie’s long-lost, part-demon daughter. When Tala finds herself the target of powerful inter-dimensional forces, she goes to Eddie for help-setting off a chain reaction of chaos and destruction that could threaten the very fabric of existence. Can Eddie and Tala put aside their differences long enough to survive the magical mayhem and madness that they started, or will they kill each other first? (It’s probably the second one!) For readers who like it gruff and anthropomorphic, get ready for your new favorite comic!

Yes, please. This is already a great team-up between Roberts, Norton, and Louise, but the premise sounds like a winner, too.
You’ll be able to pick up the first issue of Grumble on November 21st, and it’s currently available for pre-order.

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