The Usurper’s Army Is On The Move In Last Siege #4

by Brendan M. Allen

Feist has seized the castle, murdering those that stood against him—all while preparing to force a marriage on Lady Cathryn. The battle for control of the castle is ending, but the last siege of the long war is only just about to begin… and few will survive. 
By the time The Last Siege #4 opens up, things aren’t looking great for Lady Cathryn, The Stranger, or anyone within the curtain wall, really. Feist has, at least temporarily, regained control of the castle and clapped everyone in irons that poses any tangible threat to his claim.

Landry Q. Walker drops two huge pops in this installment. One big reveal happens almost immediately, but that one hardly counts. It shouldn’t really come as a shock to anyone who’s been paying attention. The big secret remains. Who is The Stranger, and why is he even here?

Lady Cathryn remains silent through the first two thirds of this chapter, but holy hell, when she speaks, she doesn’t mince words. This kid has been playing Columbo all along. She also demonstrates some pretty wicked skills with blades, short and long.

One of the really fantastic things about this series is how well Walker and the art team play off each other. There are several sequences Walker backs way off and lets Justin Greenwood and Eric Jones tell the story with quick, dirty linework and a fire lit, muted palette.

Chapter four sets up the second half of the series brilliantly. Odds are still stacked heavily against Lady Cathryn, The Stranger, and their small band of loyalists, and business is about to pick up.

The Last Siege #4, Image Comics, released 05 September 2018, $3.99. Written by Landry Q. Walker, artwork/cover by Justin Greenwood, colored by Eric Jones, letters by Patrick Brosseau, variant cover by Ibrahim Moustafa.

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