Game On! Kieron Gillen And Stephanie Hans Announce New Ongoing From Image

by Olly MacNamee

Wunderkind writer, Kieron Gillen and artist Stephanie Hans are teaming up to create an all-new, ongoing series titled Die. The series will launch with an oversized debut issue from Image Comics this December.

In a nut shell, Die is a pitch-black fantasy where a group of adults have to deal with the returning unearthly horror they barely survived as teenage role-players.

Gillen commented that this new series is “Worryingly zeitgeisty,” in an  interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Role-playing games are part of the cultural conversation in a way they haven’t been since the 1980s. I suspect Die is going to sit a little apart from most of it, especially the comics. Most of the D&D comics either are straight satires or leaning into the fun and games of those memories. We’re a lot bleaker. It’s me, so it’s still playful, but I take fantasy games as seriously as I take pop music and this is a product of that.

Hans, another Role-Playing Games (RPGs) fan, added in the same THR interview:

I always think that working as a team is like a dance. You have to trust your partner while he does the same. Funny enough, I see panels as music notes. But in this one, Kieron is a lot like the gamemaster, I trust him to build a beautiful narrative while I do the gesticulation. Worth mentioning: when I was still role-playing, I used to describe an RPG as a beautiful story that you create as a group. In a way, we have come full circle.

Sound like your thing? Well, if so, remember that Die #1 will be available on Wednesday, December 5th.

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