Wood & Chater’s Viking Revenge Tale Sword Daughter Gets A Second Hardcover Collection

by Hannah Means Shannon

Dark Horse are announcing the news here on Comicon.com that the viking revenge tale Sword Daughter is coming to a second hardcover collection, to arrive in May 2019.
Writer Brian Wood (Briggs Land, Aliens: Defiance, The Massive, Star Wars) and artist Mack Chater (Briggs Land, Lazarus) teamed up on this emotive and fascinating series inspired by Lone Wolf and Cub and set in Viking Age Europe. Sword Daughter is an epic focusing on love and revenge that will eventually span three distinct volumes, and the second is heading our way.

As Dark Horse explains:

One thousand years ago murderous clan known as the Forty Swords burned a village to the ground, leaving just two people alive: a shattered father and his teenage daughter. Driven by revenge for their murdered friends and family, Elsbeth and Dag have been hunting those responsible. However, as the enemy pushes back, the father and daughter fall back to a wintry mountain refuge populated by religious fanatics and make a stand there.

Sword Daughter Volume 2: Folded Metal collects the single issues Sword Daughter #4-#6, and the final arc of the series will be kicking off with issue #7 on sale June 5, 2019.
The series features interior art by Mack Chater “inspired by Viking aesthetics and classic Samurai cinema” with colors by the great José Villarrubia, letters by the awesome Nate Piekos, and rather gorgeous covers by Ben Oliver.
Sword Daughter Volume 2: Folded Metal HC goes on sale May 14, 2019, and is available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your local comic shop.
Sword Daughter Volume 1: She Brightly Burns HC is on sale now, so you can catch up before the new collection and arc hits the shops!

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