Athena Voltaire Punches Even More Nazis In Latest Adventure

by James Ferguson

The high-flying aviatrix Athena Voltaire is bouncing around the world and punching Nazis right in the face. Action Lab Entertainment is collecting her second adventure in a trade paperback due out in November called Athena Voltaire and the Golden Dawn. Written by Steve Bryant, illustrated by Yusuf Idris, and colored by Juanma Aguilera, this volume follows Athena as she goes to Portugal to find a previously undiscovered Da Vinci Codex. She soon finds herself up against the Nazis’ mysterious Golden Dawn Society.

Athena Voltaire began as an Eisner-nominated webcomic before it was picked up by Action Lab. It’s a fun adventure comic in the style of Indiana Jones, Uncharted, and Tomb Raider. It’s safe to say if you’re a fan of any of those franchises, you’ll find a lot to enjoy in this series.

Writer Steve Bryant says:

With the ongoing series, we’ve been able to lay the groundwork for a larger storyline—one I would have been unable to do on a monthly schedule by myself. The Golden Dawn continues to expand Athena’s world and mythology, and I’m thrilled with the work that Yusuf and Juanma have been doing on this arc!

Athena Voltaire and the Golden Dawn is set for release on November 28th, 2018.

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