Marvel Celebrates The Return Of Wolverine With 1st Issue Director’s Cut

by James Ferguson

Wolverine has returned to the Marvel Universe. Sure, Old Man Logan was running around and so was X-23, but that’s besides the point. The original Wolverine, Logan himself is back. We first saw a glimpse of this way back in Marvel Legacy, but now Charles Soule and Steve McNiven, the creative team that killed him in the first place, have joined forces again for Return of Wolverine.

The first issue is in stores now. If you haven’t picked it up yet, Marvel has a special offer for you. If you purchase a digital copy of Return of Wolverine #1 or subscribe to the series through the Digital Comics Shop or Marvel Comics App before September 25th at 11:59 PM ET, you’ll receive a promotional code for a free copy of Return of Wolverine #1 Director’s Cut, delivered to your inbox by September 26th.
This Director’s Cut includes exclusive content like a draft of the script from Charles Soule, inked pages, color pages, a variant cover gallery, never-before-seen character designs, and more. Return of Wolverine explores where Logan has been and what he’ll do to stay alive.

I haven’t had a chance to dive into Return of Wolverine yet, but I’m curious how this offer will pan out. It’s a digital only offer so I’m not sure how many folks will cash in. Will this be enough to incentivize would-be customers to pick up the first issue?

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