Facing The Man In The Mirror In Immortal Hulk #6

by Staff

By Josh Davison

The Immortal Hulk just sapped the gamma energy out of Walter Langkowski, aka the Sasquatch. However, it seems that the Hulk took something else out of Walter. Meanwhile, forces on the hunt for the Hulk are keeping tabs on his connections. They are also looking to exploit what happened with the Sasquatch and are threatening to arrest Walter Langkowski. Alpha Flight wants to protect Walter, and Captain Marvel realizes there is one thing she must do to find and capture Bruce Banner.
Immortal Hulk #6 slows things down considerably from #5, focusing on the aftermath to the deadly brawl between Hulk and Sasquatch. The world knows now that the Hulk is back, and it’s terrified of him.
Much of the book doesn’t focus on Banner or Hulk, instead taking the story to those shadowy forces in search of the Hulk. It doesn’t make for a bad read, but it is slow and a little aimless.

We bounce from said shadowy government forces to Alpha Flight with the book trying to show cause-and-effect of what those forces are doing in their quest to conquer the Hulk. It’s not especially grabbing unfortunately, but it doesn’t outright lose me either. It’s mostly building to the climactic confrontation that begins at the end of this issue and has been spoiled by the cover of Immortal Hulk #7.
That said, the ending does excite me for the next issue.
Lee Garbett takes over as artist in this issue, and he brings a gritty and dirty style that suits the current state of Bruce Banner’s life. He’s constantly on the run again, and his life is in shambles. The Hulk looks as imposing as ever under Garbett, and the ending sequence is especially enticing. Color artist Paul Mounts compliments Garbett’s work with a darker and more menacing color palette that really comes to life in that same ending sequence.
Immortal Hulk #6 is overshadowed by the excellent issues of Al Ewing’s Hulk saga that have preceded it, but it’s still a decent read. It shows who is hunting Bruce Banner and the battles to come. Plus, Garbett and Mounts put in good artwork. The comic is worth checking out and earns a recommendation from yours truly.
Immortal Hulk #6 comes to you from writer Al Ewing, artist Lee Garbett, color artist Paul Mounts, letterer VC’s Cory Petit, cover artist Alex Ross, and variant cover artists Brent Schoonover with Woo Dae Shim. Hulk was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The publisher is Marvel Comics and is available today for $3.99.

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