Three More Years Of Kathleen Kennedy For Star Wars

by Christine Marie Attardo

For some people, the sheer mention of the name Kathleen Kennedy brings a sense of rage. As the head of the studio that produces Star Wars, Kathleen has been subjected to much criticism over the last few years. Fans of the franchise hold her accountable for some of the more negative aspects of the recent films. Turns out, not much will be changing. It was announced this week that Kennedy would renew her contract and will remain President of Lucasfilm for another three years.

It’s hard to say what the fate of Star Wars will be in years to come. As a huge fan, I grew up loving the characters and the stories they told. As an adult, seeing the last two films hasn’t brought much joy to my force-driven heart.
In fact, I didn’t even bother to see the Solo movie because I was too afraid it would be awful. My hope is that the golden parts that did take place during The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, somehow make more of an impact in the next film. As for Kathleen Kennedy, time will tell how she continues in her position.

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