NYCC 2018: Captain Kirk, Picard, Janeway & Sisko Meet Up In Star Trek: The Q Conflict From IDW

by Olly MacNamee

For the first time ever, the crews of four Star Trek incarnations – The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager – will team up against Star Trek: The Next Generation’s villainous, but humorous, Q in a 6 part comic book miniseries, Star Trek: The Q Conflict.
Debuting in January, this series features the writing team of Scott and David Tipton (Star Trek: The Next Generation – Mirror Broken) and art by David Messina (Cloak and Dagger, Star Trek: Countdown).

When a dispute between godlike beings threatens the galaxy, it will take all of Starfleet’s best captains to stop them. James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Kathryn Janeway, and Benjamin Sisko must go head-to-head in a competition rigged by the arrogant Q and his nigh-omnipotent cohorts.

Scott Tipton expressed his delight in being one fo the writers in this new book.
This is it – the biggest Star Trek series ever, spanning starships, centuries, and galaxies! All of Starfleet’s most legendary officers join together for the first time against some of the greatest threats they’ve ever faced. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before!”
David Tipton added:

But it wouldn’t be Star Trek if it wasn’t also about character, and with so many Starfleet legends crossing paths for the first time ever, The Q Conflict will give readers the opportunity to see all their favorite characters in a brand-new light.

Star Trek: The Q Conflict #1, under license by CBS Consumer Products, will be available with multiple covers: connecting regular covers by David Messina, and retailer incentive variants by George Caltsoudas and J.K. Woodward.

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