Swag! Hannah’s NYCC 2018 Edition

by Hannah Means Shannon

I made a conscious attempt not to go too swag heavy this New York Comic Con 2018 because a)carrying a lot of luggage around New York City when it actually comes time to go home is no fun and b)in the past three weeks, I’ve also been swagging it up at Small Press Expo and Baltimore Comic-Con. Welp, that plan didn’t win out. But thankfully my swag was not of the physically heavy variety. Thank goodness because getting around NYC in the hours after the show closed on Sunday was like a zoo had been let loose on the streets. A geek zoo of lots of other people carrying their swag.

So many t-shirts. I picked up a new Zoom t-shirt because it’s been a tradition of mine to have one, even though it does make me look like a villain sympathizer. Mainly I just think it’s a cool design to have the darker colors and lightning worked into the Flash logo. Next to that is my Star-Lord shirt from the Marvel Booth which I tried to buy at SDCC this year, but found they didn’t have my size. Sometimes persistence wins out and it’s mine at last. But also how could I NOT get the Umbrella Academy t-shirt and welcome back the existence of swag for this returning series and soon to be Netflix TV show? So much excitement about both. Lastly, among the shirts, my prized American Gods t-shirt that I picked up from Starz when I took a press tour of their lovely outside booth this year.

I also ended up with a number of posters this year, two from attending entertainment panels with freebies and one from Dark Horse which is a quality item. The Daredevil one is an exclusive poster for Season 3 coming up very soon, and the Good Omens builds anticipation for the new show, whose trailer dropped at NYCC to a flurry of fan approval. Lastly, the amazing high-quality Hellboy poster is a new design from Mike Mignola and the flip side of the same piece provides a chronological timeline of the Hellboy and the BPRD books for fans picking up the new omnibuses and developing an interest in the new film, which also had new footage at the show.

Also from the Starz Booth, a window into Outlander’s new season, which will take place in the New World, aka the USA, and more specifically, North Carolina. I understand the inspiration for the setting is around Black Mountain, NC, only about 40 minutes from where I’m from, so yeah I’ll be watching the hell out of the new season.

A few little ashcans, with remote controls not included.

Note the green Good Omens journal that was a freebie from their panel at the show. And who doesn’t want Daredevil socks? Come on.

Korg with Miek was another pick up from the Marvel Booth and damn, but I just couldn’t resist. I already have some of the Marvel plushes from previous years, so they’ll be joining Groot and Rocket on the shelf.
I forgot this beauty in my big picture because it was carefully stashed somewhere else in my bags–but it’s Mike Mignola’s variant cover for Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #1 and it’s gorgeous and not to be missed.
Not pictured here is also a great stack of graphic novels given to me as Birthday Swag from the lovely Omar Spahi when I was the subject of his video show The Dreamer Podcast, which you can check out right here. I’ll let you know when our episode airs. Thanks, Omar!
What did you pick up at NYCC 2018??

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