NYCC 2018: Josh Vann And Simone D’Armini Tease Spider King: Frostbite

by Tito W. James

[This interview was conducted at NYCC 2018 last weekend!]

Tito W. James: Why should fans be Excited for Spider King: Frostbite?
Josh Vann: Frostbite will be coming out this December from IDW. It’s a self contained one-shot. It’s a continuation of The Spider King; more aliens, more vikings, more searing, blood and fun. It’s great!
Simone D’Armini: You can expect the characters that you’ve seen before but with new costumes and weapons. I made slight redesigns of the entire clan, and I’m much happier with them now. Sadly, the only thing I didn’t redesign is that damn sword that I have to draw every panel. I hate it, but you know it’s a big part of the story, so I have to keep drawing it.
TWJ: How long is the one-shot going to be, roughly?
JV: It’s twenty-eight pages. So it’s a slightly over-sized issue. And we tried to cram a lot into it.
TWJ: Why a one-shot?
JV: We were desperate to tell more stories and spend more time in that world. We have a lot going on, so we couldn’t commit to doing a full story straight away. But we wanted to do another one that followed the first volume pretty soon after.

TWJ: Can we expect more stories after the one-shot in the future?
JV: Yes, eventually there will be more, like another mini-series or another volume. We’re working on the logistics of making that happen.
SD: We consider this one-shot to be a prologue for a story we would like to tell in the future.
JV: Yeah ,we might do a series of one-shots that build to another volume. We’re still working out the details, but we just want to make something that’s worthwhile for ourselves and for the readers.

TWJ: Is there anything beyond Spider King that you can hint or tease?
JV: We’re working on some stuff that has to be kept under-wraps at the moment.
SD: I have one small thing that I can reveal. I’ve done a cover for Adventure Time and the issue will be out in December. So if you like my art and Adventure Time, you’ll be happy.
I’d like to thank Josh Vann and Simone D’Armini for taking the time for this interview. Look for The Spider King: Frostbite one-shot at your local comic shop in December 2018 from IDW.

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