Black Lightning Headlines The Other History Of The DC Universe From John Ridley

by Olly MacNamee

DC are launching a new comic, The Other History of The DC Universe in January through their Black Label imprint, revealing the secret history of the DCU and their boasting that this “isn’t comics as usual.” In fact, it’s going to lean more towards prose, with illustrations, as details emerge about this intriguing new book.

The Other History of the DC Universe will look at notable events from DC Universe history through a different perspective, telling the equally vital stories of heroes who have been there throughout the DCU’s past, but come from different disenfranchised groups.

Written by the writer of Oscar winning film 12 Years A Slave, John Ridley, the series will be drawn by a variety of artists with issue #1 illustrated by Alex Dos Diaz. If you’ve seen 12 Years A Slave or read his other comic book work, The American Way, you know what to expect. It’s certainly a very intriguing concept. Usually history is written by the winners, but here, it looks like superhero society’s  disenfranchised – albeit fictitious – have their say too. Future issues focus on characters such as Karen and Mal Duncan, Tatsu Yamashiro and Renee Montoya.
Here’s the full solicitation for issue #1 which focuses on Black Lightning.

Academy Award-winning screenwriter John Ridley (12 Years a Slave, Let It Fall) examines the mythology of the DC Universe in this compelling new miniseries that reframes iconic moments of DC history and charts a previously unexplored sociopolitical thread as seen through the prism of DC Super Heroes who come from traditionally disenfranchised groups.
This unique new series presents its story as prose by Ridley married with beautifully realized color illustrations from a selection of exciting illustrators and comics artists. Alex Dos Diaz provides art for #1, which follows the story of Jefferson Pierce, the man who will one day become Black Lightning, as he makes his way from being a young track star to a teacher and, ultimately, to his role as a hero.
You may think you know the history of the DC Universe…but the truth is far more complex.

The Other History of The DC Universe #1 is out January 30th 2019 from DC Comics.

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