Exploring The Thundervale With Hum And Serka In Coda #6

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Notch discovers that Sir Hum and his wife have joined Thundervale, but Notch is willing to let them stick around so long as they don’t cause trouble for her. Meanwhile, Serka wants to take on the Whitlord now. Hum is more cautious about it, and both Hum and Serka are wrapped into a scouting party for Thundervale. They are saddled with the scummiest bandit they’ve seen yet.

Coda #6 cover by Matias Bergara
Coda #6 cover by Matias Bergara

Coda #6 shows strife between Sir Hum and Serka as they survive the violence and danger of Thundervale and its inhabitants. Serka’s more direct approach and need to see the world cleansed of evil like the Whitlords, clashes against Hum’s more duplicitous tactics and survival instincts.
Their conflicts are appreciably believable, as they are very different people. However, they clearly love one another as well, and it shows even in how they fight.
The tragedy lying at the core of Coda–and I’m sorry if this turns out to be a spoiler–is that Sir Hum and Serka’s relationship probably works because of how often they are apart and not despite it. That’s an interesting conflict for our romantic leads, and I looks forward to seeing how Si Spurrier advances this idea in the issues of Coda yet to come.
The fantasy tropes and creatures played with by Spurrier are quite cool too. As a fantasy nerd too, I definitely love the appearance of a cockatrice in this issue.
Coda #6 art by Matias Bergara, Michael Doig, and letterer Jim Campbell
Coda #6 art by Matias Bergara, Michael Doig, and letterer Jim Campbell

Matias Bergara continues to provide top-notch artwork to bring this strange and decaying world to life. Character and creature designs always impress, body language and facial expression are always clear and telling, and Bergara and Michael Doig’s color work is a phenomenal mixture of exotic and deathly.
Coda #6 is another entertaining and engaging installment of the Boom! Studios fantasy-apocalypse epic. We see how the relationship develops between our beloved Hum and Serka, and we learn what all is against them in Thundervale. It’s a great read, and I recommend checking it out.
Coda #6 comes to us from writer Simon Spurrier, artist Matias Bergara with color assists by Michael Doig, letterer Jim Campbell, cover artist Matias Bergara, and variant cover artist Matthew Taylor.

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