Shadowman #8 Prepares For All-Out War

by Tony Thornley

Andy Diggle’s run on Shadowman for Valiant Comics so far has clearly been building to something, pushing Jack Boniface into new frontiers. In Shadowman #8, he shows his hand in a big way.

Diggle is joined in this issue by artist Renato Guedes and letterer Simon Bowland. It’s a story that breaks from the supernatural horror of the run so far. It feels more like its sister title Ninja-K as a spy thriller.
[**Spoilers ahead!]

Jack and Alyssa are reconnecting after Jack’s apparent death when the news reached them that the Abettors have been wiped out by the Brethren–worshippers of Shadowman’s greatest enemy Master Darque. This sends the heroes on a mission to make sure Darque cannot be resurrected, but the Brethren might be a step ahead of them already.
Diggle first made his mark on comics in a big way with The Losers, and this issue evokes that same sort of feel. While the supernatural and horror trappings are there (and clearly going to be a big part of the story arc), I loved the change of pace here. The character work Diggle does with Jack and Alyssa is fun too, making us quickly believe in their relationship.
Guedes’s Valiant work continues to be a revelation. He’s really become a next level artist in the past couple of years. I most recently read his work in Harbinger Wars II, and he shifts his style again here. It’s rougher and fits the tone of the story really well.

Valiant’s line continues to be one of the best on the market, and this issue is a fine example of that.
Shadowman #8 is available now from Valiant Comics.

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