Traversing The Power Stone’s Arena With A Little Monster In Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker #2

by James Ferguson

The Sleepwalker traverses through the worlds within the Infinity Stones in an effort to find his host, Rick Sheridan. His travels have taken him to the Power Stone. There, an arena is filled with gladiators in constant battle. Fortunately, Sleepwalker brought a friend in Little Monster, the shrinking Hulk. The madder he gets, the smaller he gets.

Much of Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker #2 explores the life of Scott Banner and how he ended up as a pint-sized ball of rage. This is fun and all, but I’m not into this series for him. I’m looking for more from Sleepwalker, a character that rarely gets the spotlight. This takes away from the overall story and feels like a major detour. As this series got four issues instead of the two that most of the other Infinity Wars tie-ins god, it feels like a wasted opportunity.
That being said, there is a pretty great scene where Little Monster shrinks into a blood stream. Artist Todd Nauck makes this the most exciting version of The Fantastic Voyage you’ve ever seen. There’s something pretty cool about a tiny Hulk grappling with white blood cells and then beating a virus into submission. That’s how antibiotics work, right?

The bits with Sleepwalker are pretty cool, especially with how he uses his mind to defeat his opponents. He doesn’t have the same strength as Little Monster, so he has to out-think his foe, using the environment itself to win. The land of the Power Stone may not be Sleepwalker’s final destination, but it does lend itself to his strengths.
Colorist Rachelle Rosenberg creates a moody atmosphere in the Power Stone. It’s a tranquil, yet foreign setting with purple skies full of stars. It’s what someone might imagine when they think of a world of dreams. This contrasts with the brutal nature of the arena where people are beating the snot out of each other non-stop.

Letterer Travis Lanham adds to that tone, particularly with Sleepwalker’s dialogue and internal narration. His words appear in balloons and caption boxes with a pinkish / purplish outline. It gives the impression of an otherworldly entity, which is right up Sleepwalker’s wheelhouse.
More Sleepwalker is always a good thing as this is a character that has been all but forgotten. Writers Chad Bowers & Chris Sims are giving him a major push with this Infinity Wars tie-in while also showcasing more of the crazy warped world that Gamora has created. As mentioned above, I just wish there was more of an emphasis on Sleepwalker and less on the mash-ups as that’s what is driving my interest here.
Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker #2 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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