An Appetite For Destruction: Advance Review Of Leviathan #3 By Layman And Pitarra

by Olly MacNamee

What started off as a kinetic, balls-to-the-wall blockbuster of a homage to Kajui films quickly spiced things up in the second issue with the introduction of the tried and tested Hollow Earth theory, which explained away the existence of dinosaurs beneath the Earth’s crust, but didn’t quite explain the origins of the main monster itself. So, why not throw in some good old fashioned demon summoning too, right?
Well, fast forward to this week’s third installment in this gonzo comic that wallows gloriously in its references to not only Kajui films and such, but also pays homage to the tropes of classic sci-fi and horror too, with issue #3 of Leviathan, by writer John Layman and artist Nick Pitarra, firmly homaging The Exorcist in the over-the-top fashion I’ve come to expect from these two guys on this book. We learn more about Father Gabriel Baron, whom our unsung hero, Ryan Deluca, has run to in the hope of help. We learn of the good Father’s own early encounter with the red Devil of a monster currently demolishing all and everything, alongside some other terrifying titans in the here and now. The guys in Pacific Rim never had it this bad! But then, they never had Trump at the steering wheel. Or rather, on the golf course as Rome burns.

This is more than just a black comedy on amphetamines, this is a love letter from lifelong fans of such fair. The kinda stuff I devoured voraciously, too. The films, books, and other pop cultural artefacts Layman references are done with love and with the skill of a master storyteller. The gnarly art only adds to the overall sense of fun, with Pitarra filling each page with detailed references of his own. One again, you’ll pore over each page of this book and lap up the art, the familiar references and the death and destruction too, with a rye smile on your face. Even in their giant robot suits, Earth’s defenses are laughable against the ancient might of what lies beneath the surface world we inhabit.

Father Gabrielle has his own take on the eponymous Leviathan, which goes a good way to explain the title of this book and the particular monster in question, but we’re still nowhere near close to a solution for stopping this monstrosity. Or his mates. This monster certainly has an appetite for destruction and I for one am loving every juicy morsel of this crazy comic!
Leviathan #3 is out this Wednesday, the 7th of November from Image Comics.

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