Outer Darkness #1 Sells Out! Get Your Copy While You Can

by Olly MacNamee

It’s a comic I have been recommending to anyone who’d listen, even a total stranger at the shelves this past NCBD. Although, he looked like I was a raving madman. But, he may well regrew ignoring my advice as it’s now destined for a second printing available on December 12th with FOC Monday, the 19th of November.
Here’s John Layman’s reaction to this good news:

As I said when I introduced Outer Darkness, I wrote it because it was exactly the sort of comic I would want to read. But nothing is a sure thing, especially in comics, so it’s especially gratifying to see that this is the sort of comic other people want to read as well. I’m grateful for everybody who’s picked up the book. And if you liked the first issue I’ve got good news: Issue Two is even better.”

Read our review here and, if you are visiting your LCBS this weekend, maybe grab a copy while you can?

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