I Kissed A Ghost And I Liked It: Water Snakes Will Capture Your Heart

by Tito W. James

Mila is a solitary teenager ready to put another boring summer vacation behind her until she meets Agnes, an adventurous girl who turns out to be a ghost. And not just a regular ghost, but one carrying the essence of an ancient fallen king and a mouth full of teeth that used to be his guardian warriors.

Water Snakes was clearly conceived as a piece that the artist Tony Sandoval wanted to make for himself. There’s no sense of a target audience or marketing hook. And that’s what makes the book so enjoyable. Water Snakes is a surreal story that is best at being itself. It felt like reading a Darren Aronovsky movie. It was romantic, tragic, funny, and frightening, but not when you’d expect it to be.

Water Snakes manages to capture dream logic without being obtuse, discordant, or pretentious. You have a deep emotional connection to what’s happening as it happens and when it’s over it’s a struggle to understand why it meant so much to you at the time.
If you’re in the mood for an unconventional story, Water Snakes will worm its way into your heart.

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