Ruinworld #5 Finishes the Miniseries With A High-Fantasy Blowout

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Fargus has the Eye of the Necromancer as well as control over Rygone, and he plans to make the Temple of Kuloo into his seat of power and steal its riches. He’s also kidnapped Barri, whom helped him get the Eye of the Necromancer. Rex, Pogo, Kale, and Lula arrive in Prim’s airship to stop Fargus. Rex and Kale go into the Temple of Kuloo while Pogo and Lula fend off Rygone and the undead on the outside.

Ruinworld #5 cover by Derek Laufman
Ruinworld #5 cover by Derek Laufman

Ruinworld #5 is a fast-paced and charming finale to the fantasy-adventure animal miniseries. Our heroes unite to fight the power-hungry Fargus and his new undead army. Each one has a unique power they bring to the table, and their personalities bounce off one another well.
I especially think Pogo and Lula are cute together. I totally ship that.
Fargus isn’t that interesting a villain, admittedly. The best part of his crew is the skeletal bird, Crux, telling him that everything he does is a terrible idea.
Barri has a nice redemption arc. I can’t say that it’s played out in a new or interesting way, but Barri is a good enough character that he can sell it.
It’s a small thing, but I do like the way Warren Montgomery is allowed to play with the lettering. Some words are bold, given a shadow, and colored in to give extra emphasis. It just looks good on the page, and Ruinworld is cartoonish and energetic enough to earn it.
Ruinworld #5 art by Derek Laufman and Warren Montgomery
Ruinworld #5 art by Derek Laufman and Warren Montgomery

Speaking of the cartoonish aesthetic, Laufman’s artwork is adorably fantastic. The character designs are clever, cute, and tell you a lot about the personalities. The action sequences look good and are visually creative, and they strive to remain child friendly without becoming dull or uninteresting to the adult reader. The color work is vibrant and adds to the visual energy of the characters and story.
Ruinworld #5 signs off the miniseries in an explosive manner. Our heroes unite to fight the villain and his undead army. Some change, others triumph through their strength, and others learn something new about themselves. Laufman did great work with this all-ages comic, and I can recommend it to readers both young and old. Feel free to check it out.
Ruinworld #5 comes to us from writer, artist, color artist, and cover artist Derek Laufman and letterer Warren Montgomery.

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