Brief Thoughts On Titans Season 1, Episode 8

by Erik Amaya

Titans Ep. 108 -- Photo Credit: John Medland / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
And finally, Donna Troy enters the scene.
With the eighth episode of Titans‘ first season, “Donna Troy,” the DC Universe’s greatest mystery girl appears to answer some questions about the Titans universe and stake a claim for herself on the team. Provided she wants that role, of course.
Coming off the traumatic events of last week, Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) decides to visit Donna (Conor Leslie) to talk about his decision to give up the Robin identity for good. Of course, that leaves a big question to answer: who is Dick Grayson? And unlike some version of Donna Troy, this former Wonder Girl has a handle on who she is and what she was. For one thing, she gave up being Wonder Girl before Dick’s falling out with Batman and it gave her the time to find a life more “civilian” as a photographer and investigative journalist. But it also seems she was better equipped to find a life outside of Wonder Girl; possibly because her relationship with Wonder Woman is not the impact crater left in the wake of Dick’s departure from Wayne Manor.
Even in the flashback scene which opens the episode, she seems better adjusted to the sidekick life than Dick. She can quip and smile while Dick just broods when he’s left out of League business. While establishing Dick and Donna’s relationship, the scene also establishes a key detail about the DC world of Titans. The Justice League, and by extension powered heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman, exists. Previous episodes left the impression that the powers of Kory (Anna Diop), Rachel (Teagan Croft) and Gar (Ryan Potter) were new elements to the world. But if the League exists, than superpowered beings like Diana and Donna are a fact of life. It makes the de-powering of Hawk & Dove more of a questionable decision, but it at least allows the viewer to assume the world is more like a mainstream DC Comics title than the isolated world of the original Superman film series.
Meanwhile, it’s nice to see Rachel find some sort of home life after all the murder and anguish she’s seen. At the same time, though, Angela (Rachel Nichols) feels a little too eager to help Rachel and her friends. The farmhouse was also a little too convenient. It makes one wonder if she is the Organization’s last weapon. Of course, the Titans have a more immediate threat to face.
After the near autopsy she experienced last week, the post-traumatic stress began to dislodge Kory’s memory. And thanks to an assist from Rachel, it seems Kory remembers everything. Unfortunately for everyone involved, though, it seems her mission all along was to terminate Rachel. But that raises further questions: why would Tamaran send along the princess to kill a girl on Earth? What connection does Kory’s homeworld have to Rachel’s father and what will it mean for her once the rest of the group talks her down from killing Rachel? Hopefully, once the dust settles, Kory’s real persona will emerge.
Granted, the Feds looking for her will probably be onto them by that point, but it wouldn’t be Titans unless the characters are on the run.
Titans streams Fridays on DC Universe.

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