Uncanny X-Men #3 Picks Up Steam

by Tony Thornley

Things are building steam in Uncanny X-Men #3, as more of the larger story begins to come into focus. Two separate threats come more into focus, and are revealed as much less sinister than we thought.

Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson and Ed Brisson are joined in this issue by art team Yildray Cinar & Rachelle Rosenberg and letterer Joe Caramagna.
The X-Men still battle threats on multiple fronts as they try to figure out what exactly is happening. They are able to rescue Jamie Madrox Prime as he reveals that Legion had forced him to create an army to serve as vessels for a war against some yet-unknown threat. As Legion arrives at the mansion, the X-Men learn exactly what that threat may be…

This issue takes classic X-Men tropes and either twists them or uses them to the story’s advantage. The strange return of Jamie Madrox is a great highlight, as he quickly turn into an ally, as is Legion, whose sinister return actually turns heroic. The final moments of the issue are something we’ve seen over and over in X-Men lore, but the context still sells it. It’s equal parts clever homage and progression.
Cinar’s style was a bit of a surprise at first for me, but as I dug more into the issue the more I realized that I like it. It’s a bit less smooth, and more gritty, but still fits in with the style of the previous issues. He uses great expressive character moments and ably done action, with the Legion pages in particular working so well in his style.

Rosenberg’s work continues to excel. Her presence ties the disparate together, while also selling the crazed nature of the threats the team is facing.
I’m happy to see this story getting better with each issue, leading towards a story that I think will be well-regarded for years to come.
Uncanny X-Men #3 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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