Action Lab’s ‘Sweetie’ Melds Ms. Marvel With The Karate Kid This February

by James Ferguson

Action Lab Entertainment has a new superhero for you. Sweetie is set to debut in February and she’s described as a mash-up between Ms. Marvel and Karate Kid with the vibe of a Saturday morning cartoon. That’s definitely something I can get behind. The series follows Maggie, a socially awkward fan-girl who becomes a self-taught superhero. She’ll have to battle super villains and high school alike.

Sweetie is written by Sean Dillon and Steven Petrivelli and illustrated by Sean Dillon. It’s an all-ages title with character and story layers that will resonate with older readers.
Sean Dillon says:

Maggie fulfills the dream we all have: to become fast, strong, and skilled like a super hero. Yet, she’s not invincible. There’s more than one way to be strong in life and none of us is all of them. Maggie will have to learn, like we all do, that sooner or later we need to have each others’ backs.

Sweetie #1 is set for release on February 27th, 2019.

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