Brief Thoughts On Titans Season 1, Episode 10

by Erik Amaya


While Titans faked us out by delaying the resolution to Episode 8’s cliffhanger, Episode 10 ,”Koriand’r,” played out in a number of obvious ways. But just because things are obvious doesn’t make them wrong or unsatisfactory. Instead, the events of the episode needed to happen to get to the big battle to come. Nevertheless, those of you who guessed correctly about Rachel’s (Teagan Croft) parents, good job!
The episode also proved once again that Conor Leslie needs to be a series regular in the second season. Donna Troy, as the only person who really has a confident sense of self, is a refreshing breeze every time she quips or takes charge of the situation. She also gave the cliffhanger the resolution it needed by revealing her lasso. When I talked to Leslie a few weeks ago, she mentioned some of Donna’s accessories might show up, but I wasn’t expecting the lasso. Now we have to wonder if it is a complete duplicate of Diana’s or something akin to her comic book counterpart’s rope. You also have to enjoy the way she just completely sussed out Dick (Brenton Thwaites) and Kory’s (Anna Diop) physical relationship. While funny, it gets to the heart of Donna’s sense of awareness and just how blind the rest of the Titans are because of their various traumas.
Although, it remains to be seen if Kory is still ruled by her trauma. Now that she finally knows she is from Tamaran, a few personality changes should come about. Then again, it is possible her experiences with the others have permanently changed her. Either way, she finally understands her purpose on Earth and why she thought killing Rachel was the best way to do it. Then again, Tamaranian language is imprecise — as Donna noted in Episode 8 — it is possible all Kory had to do was nurture Rachel away from temptation.
Not that it really matters at this point as Trigon (Seamus Dever) has finally made his way back to Earth. Sure, he lacks the horns and the skin tone of the DC Comics demon, but he made quite an impression right away; a requirement as the debut season’s external threat. That said, the real enemy of the Titans over the course of the first year has been their unresolved traumas. Perhaps we’ll see Trigon as a manifestation of that next week.
At the same time, there are a few traces of his comic book past. His line, “Your faith has never failed me, lover,” hearkens back to the days when “lover” was a popular term of endearment in comics written by Marv Wolfman and Paul Levitz.
And yeah, Angela’s (Rachel Nichols) heel turn was in no way a surprise. But it still raised the tension as the local policeman kept sticking his nose where it did not belong. It also seems likely that the soup she made for Gar (Ryan Potter) was poisoned to push Rachel into the moment of truth. In fact, that it wasn’t spelled out that way shows a certain level of sophistication considering the obvious things the story had to accomplish this week.
Which may be why this episode may leave some viewers cold after the previous two proved to be stellar spotlight stories. Comic book fans know a lot of these answers already, even if they never read the original New Teen Titans stories. But for those coming new to the concepts, certain things must play out; like the revelation of Trigon or Kory’s origin. It may leave the seasoned veteran with the feeling that the show is treading water, but the cinematic touches — like Kory’s ship and the weirdness with the mirrors — made it a pleasant enough watch.
Meanwhile, it remains to be seen just how it all comes together. Will Rachel prove to be stronger than Trigon? Or will all the Titans — Hawk (Alan Ritchson), Dove (Minka Kelly) and Robin (Curran Walters) included — be needed to defeat the encroaching darkness and save the galaxy? Considering the preview of next week’s episode and its Dick v Batman brawl, it seems Trigon will have the upper hand.
Titans streams Fridays on DC Universe.

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