Go Go Power Rangers #15 Lets Out A Collective Squee For Fans Everywhere

by James Ferguson

Jason and Trini are stranded on the Planet Breel. Making matters worse, their powers have been switched which is little awkward and this has given them a kind of mind link which is a lot awkward. Their innermost feelings are revealed to each other, including Trini’s crush on Jason and the fact that Jason’s been hiding his terminally ill father from the group. Meanwhile, Rita is making moves for a devastating attack against the Power Rangers and Kimberly goes on a date with Skull.

It is always incredibly impressive how writer Ryan Parrott is able to weave so much character development into a comic while also pushing the plot forward. Every character gets some time to shine, even if it’s only for a moment. I’m picturing Parrott spinning a plate for each one of them and he’s doing a tremendous job.
Let’s start with Jason and Trini. The crush has been in the background for some time and as Dan Mora’s cover reveals, it finally comes to a head with a kiss. Fans everywhere let out a huge squee at seeing this happen. This would have been enough on its own, but we’re given the added context of Trini’s past as a military brat, moving from place to place. This has made her a little more reserved as she doesn’t want to get too close to anyone for fear of having to say goodbye.

Since they’re in each other’s heads, Jason and Trini are able to provide valuable context to their troubles. Artist Eleonora Carlini captures the range of emotions in both characters, going from awkward, to stoic, to frustrated, and finally pure joy. It’s interesting to see Jason, who always appears so strong and confident, look vulnerable and unsure of himself. Trini swings the other way, taking charge as the Red Ranger.
We’ve had a pretty good idea as to what Rita is after on Breel, but it has not lessened the journey at all. She could have just picked it up and went on her way. Instead, we get this extended sequence showing just how ruthless and cunning she is. Rita set up a series of elaborate traps to ensure this would be kept safe. The people of Breel are entirely devoted to her.

Colorist Raul Angulo brings these scenes together with the strange green skin of the Breel warriors contrasting against Rita’s pale complexion. Where it really stands out is when they battle a spirit warrior charged with guarding the treasure. This creature has an otherworldly glow about him that’s part ghost and part alien.
Carlini mixes up the panel layouts during the more heated scenes, creating a dynamic grid that works very well. It amplifies the excitement of these sequences both in the number of panels and their unique shapes.

Finally, there’s the unlikely date between Kimberly and Skull. The former is still reeling from the fallout with Matt and the latter is…well…he’s Skull. For perhaps the first time, I feel sorry for the poor lug. He’s so excited to get a chance with the pretty popular girl. That quickly turns to sadness when he realizes that he’s the rebound guy. He gives Kimberly some helpful context to what she’s going through and really puts things in perspective for her. It also weirdly gave me a newfound respect for Skull, which is something I never thought I’d say.
It’s fun to watch the contrast in the two as they go through the evening. Letterer Ed Dukeshire uses a small font for Skull as he realizes what he’s gotten himself into, one that’s full of sadness. Things like this pop up throughout Go Go Power Rangers #15 that give you an idea of tone in speech.

I was already a fan of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but Go Go Power Rangers has made me a super fan of these characters. I’m so deeply invested in their lives and we’re getting a ton of interesting insights into what makes them tick. Sure, they fight bad guys with giant robots, but there’s a lot more under the surface that makes them the heroes they are.
Go Go Power Rangers #15 from Boom! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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