The Flash #60 Introduces A New Hero Who’s In It To Last

by Tony Thornley

Often when we get a cover liked The Flash #60, the issue ends up being perfunctory, with the new hero introduced and never seen again. They’re a plot device and not a character. But this issue goes a long way to dispel that trope.
The Flash (2016-) #60
Joshua Williamson, Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, Tomeu Morey & Hi-Fi, and Steve Wands take the Flash to the Monaco-esque Corto Maltese on the trail of the Strength Force. The issue serves not just as an introduction, but also a character piece.
Immediately upon arriving at Corto Maltese, Barry comes in conflict with Fuerza, the new host of the Strength Force. After realizing they’re on the same side, the duo bonds and trains together. However, the corrupt leader of Corto Maltese is having none of it…
The Flash (2016-) #60
Williamson covers a lot of ground, but it’s all executed very well. We get Fuerza’s origin, sure, but we also learn a lot about her, both in exposition and character interaction. The bond formed between her and the Flash feels natural and authentic, not just hitting beats in service of the plot. By the end of the issue, I really wanted Williamson to pull Fuerza into the regular cast of the series.
Sandoval and Tarragona’s work continues to show why they’re a fantastic fit for the Flash. They don’t just show they have a great sense of speed and motion, but also impact. In one page, Fuerza punches Barry in the gut, and the reaction is so realistic, both in Barry’s reaction and the movement of the figures on the page. I really look forward to what they do each issue.
The Flash (2016-) #60
This continues to be one of DC’s most consistent and reliable series, and one you really should be picking up.
The Flash #60 is available now from DC Comics.

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