Fighting Off Alien Monsters And Innermost Fears In MMPR #34

by James Ferguson

Out in the farthest reaches of space, an odd assortment of Power Rangers from teams through the ages are stranded with hope dwindling with every passing moment. Their powers are failing and things look grim as the evil Praetor and his massive forces close in. The new Solar Ranger holds the key to their salvation in the mysterious Solarix. This prized possession could be their way home, but they’re going to have to face not just these new enemies, but their own fears in order to do so.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers really hits its stride with this issue. The team is working together and bringing out the best in one another, despite all their flaws and weaknesses. Adding Ellarien, the Solar Ranger to the mix gave them all some purpose. While each of them has had a rough go of it, they didn’t have to do it by themselves the way Ellarien has. That puts everything in perspective for them and helps them all get on the same page.

It’s still so very awesome to see the different types of Power Rangers fighting side-by-side. I don’t think that novelty will wear off any time soon. Artist Simone Di Meo plays with the costumes a little bit, allowing us to see the human inside through the visor. There are also several sequences where we see them in mid-transformation which look pretty cool. It gives you an idea of the energy and strength that come from being a Power Ranger.

While the design looks great, the big fight scenes in space against Praetor were a little confusing. The images themselves are intricate and a sight to see, but they were a little hard to follow. Characters are bouncing all over the place and I couldn’t quite tell who was doing what. There’s clearly a battle going on. It’s just not clear as to what those details are. Are they winning or losing?

Again, the imagery is incredible in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #34. This is only heightened by Walter Baiamonte’s colors. He achieves a nice mix of the multi-colored energy we’ve come to know and love from Power Rangers with the gritty quality of survival out in deep space. It’s like a technicolor version of Firefly in that regard.

Based on the dialogue, the showdown is being fought on multiple levels. Yes, the Power Rangers are duking it out in big robots, but they’re also fighting off psychological warfare from Praetor who gets in their heads and pulls on their innermost fears. His words cut deep and letterer Ed Dukeshire amplifies those attacks with a jagged font. It’s a little creepy to think of this strange new foe speaking right into your mind and poking fun at your anxieties.

This arc started off with the Power Rangers scattered, lost, and afraid. This issue gives them an enemy, a purpose, and most importantly, hope. It unifies them in a way that they haven’t had since they fought Lord Drakkon. They’re not out of the woods yet. Writer Marguerite Bennett has opened up a slew of possibilities here and they’re all pretty exciting.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #34 from Boom! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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