The Steam Winter Sale Continues With Special Cozy Cottage

by Christine Marie Attardo

The time has come for gamers to rejoice! It’s time to spend your Christmas money. The Steam winter sale has begun! You know what that means? Thousands of games are massively reduced. Games like, Jurassic World Evolution, which was originally $60 and is now on sale for $13.74.

…and trust me, there’s more where that came from! As if it wasn’t enough to have tons of video games on sale, Steam now has a daily event with their Extremely Cozy Cottage.

Here are the details from PC Gamer:

The Extremely Cozy Cottage of Surprises is this year’s themed event, and it’s basically an Advent calendar. Every day, you’ll be able to open a door every day and net yourself emotes, wallpaper and in-game items for Steam games.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful event. The Steam Winter Sale will end on January 3rd.

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