Infinity Wars #6 Doesn’t Quite Live Up To Its Epic Beginnings

by James Ferguson

Gamora made a mess of the universe by folding it in on itself, mashing people together to create a warped reality. Loki managed to gather an unlikely team together to stop Gamora and now has the Infinity Stones in hand. That’s a deadly combination.

Infinity Wars #6 has all the makings of a big, epic finale, but falls a little short. It opens strong with Loki coming face-to-face with the gods above all universes and he’s humbled before them. You have to wonder what gave someone like him pause. This is such a powerful opening that isn’t really followed through. Instead, Loki does a fast about face and hands the Stones back to those he stole them from so they can fix reality.
Artist Mike Deodato Jr. does some tremendous work with these opening pages. There’s a terrific close-up shot of Loki that’s a full page, showing his face just as he realizes what he’s looking at. You can practically count the hairs on the god’s head. The detail is off the charts. There’s a similar image of another character at the end of the comic that creates a nice bookend for this issue.

As big and bold as Infinity Wars #6 is, it’s events are a foregone conclusion. Of course everything is going to go back to normal. We’re not going to replace Spider-Man and Moon Knight with the Arachknight on a regular basis, especially when there’s an awesome Spider-Man movie in theaters right now. What we didn’t know going into this was how it would happen.
Writer Gerry Duggan presents an interesting twist on the reset. These warped characters may have been manipulated into existence, but they’re living, breathing people and they want to stay that way. Imagine living your entire life only to find out that it was all a lie and you were really someone else. That’s what some of these folks are grappling with and it’s pretty heady stuff.

It’s not easy to split out an entire second universe. It’s a huge endeavor and a select few characters are up for the task. You get a real sense of how big of a deal this is from Frank Martin’s colors. The sky has turned red and grim, as if clouds suddenly appeared ready to rain blood down upon everyone. The only real light comes from the Infinity Stones and a few characters glowing eyes. It’s more than a little intense.
Underscoring the intensity of the situation is Adam Warlock who is in the thick of it. I love how letterer Cory Petit shows his speech. It’s in a word balloon with a bold outline and a bright yellow circle around it, emphasizing everything the man says. Warlock is in his element here and he knows it.

Any time you have a story with the Infinity Stones, things get a little complicated. Infinity Wars is no different. This was a fun ride, although it went on for a bit too long. When an event like this wraps up, you have to look at what kind of an impact it made. In the scheme of things, it doesn’t feel like the final moments lived up to the series’ beginnings. As a reminder, this book started with Thanos getting his head cut off. While it ended in a whole new universe being created, we’re probably not going to see its inhabitants any time soon.
The Guardians of the Galaxy are most affected by Infinity Wars and we’ll see how that plays out in their new series in January. For everyone else in the Marvel Universe, this was an average Thursday.
Infinity Wars #6 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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