The Invasion Continues In The Warning #2

by Brendan M. Allen

“Gladiator Two-Six” The invasion continues as the super soldiers of the Quiet Knife program make their way to ground zero.

The Warning #2 opens up with a high speed, high tech dogfight between one of the team and, well, whatever the enemy structure just deployed to take down his craft. There’s a lot of superimposed imagery of two raptors trying to rip each other out of the sky. Then we get some flashbacks that deliver exposition on the processes that brought the soldiers of Two-Six to where we see them now, genetically and technologically enhanced, tasked with stopping this as yet undefined extraterrestrial threat.

Edward Laroche’s background as a cinema storyboard artist is again evident in this second chapter. The combat scenes are brilliantly laid out, and he plays around quite a bit with perspective and angles even in the still moments. That works fine for the aesthetic, but that cinematic approach makes the pacing a little clunky. So far (and, granted, this is only the second chapter) this is reading like it was written as a film script or an original graphic novel.

I’m having a hard time with The Warning in episodic format. It has all the elements that should come together to play right into my tastes, but it just feels a little flat. It’s not just the slow burn. I can handle slow burn. This is something else. I’m going to give this one more chapter before deciding to wait for trade, but that’s solidly where I’m leaning.

The Warning #2, Image Comics, released 19 December 2018. Script and art by Edward Laroche, color by Brad Simpson, letters by Jaymes Reed.

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