Terrifying Food And A Dead Man’s Pants In House of Waxwork # 3

by Omar Spahi

So, when it comes to going out to eat, I used to be an extremely picky eater. Who am I kidding? I still am. I used to be afraid of the food. Not afraid. Terrified. But, over time I’ve come to love Sushi.

I’ve noticed there’s one type of food that people love or can’t stand to eat. It’s Sushi. My once least favorite, and now my favorite selection for dinner.

It’s a bizarre epidemic where tons of people won’t even toy with the idea of eating it. It’s not for them. It’s too fishy or too slimy, but maybe House of Waxwork #3 has the real answers.

House of Waxwork # 3 by Thomas Crowell, Dennis Calero, Steve Ellis and Jonas Scharf take a deep dive into this cultural phenomenon that’s known as Sushi.

“Sushi of the Gods” takes place at Futsu Sushi Restaurant where Hara and Toru-Sama argue over the mysteries of the mysterious sushi that comes from an underwater temple. Inside of one of the fishes, Hara discovers an intriguing scroll on how to construct the Sushi of the Gods! Is he able to make it? I guess you’ll just have to read it to find out. There are a few twists and turns along the way.

But wait there’s more… in this 2-part story inside just 1 issue!

With “Necropants”, the title says it all. Necropants is the story of well, Necropants that are worn by a legendary Rockstar member of Dokkmord! It’s Dokkmord’s Final Tour and Lars Dokk, aka the Lead Singer of Dokkmord, performs his wild feats. But after the singer is killed, the clothes seem to make the man ,when the next person to don the necropants become a Rockstar themselves. Coincidence?

No way! Learn the mysteries of the Necropants and Sushi of the Gods in House of Waxwork #3, currently out in shops from Waxwork Comics.

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