Does Salvation Lie With Tommy Tomorrow In Adventures Of The Super Sons #6?

by James Ferguson

Superboy and Robin are stranded on a far-off planet, struggling to find a way home. Rex Luthor and his gang are still hunting him, but perhaps their salvation lies in the hands of the swarthy Tommy Tomorrow. It can’t be any worse than scrounging for foreign fruit and chasing down little critters, right?

I love that even in such an alien setting, Damian and Jon can still have fun. Any normal kid would be freaking out right now, but these are the sons of Batman and Superman. They have their composure and they know how to survive even if they’re all these light years away from their parents. This doesn’t mean that they can’t cut loose a bit.
We expect this from Jon because he’s the younger and more bright-eyed of the duo. Damian shows a fun side here in the opening pages as he stalks through the treetops with an ominous narration. Writer Peter J. Tomasi uses a great Batman-like internal dialogue for him as he cuts in and out of the shadows. Colorist Protobunker highlights the yellow in Robin’s cape, cutting through the darkness.

This transitions well to the playful and competitive nature of Damian and Jon’s friendship. Where Robin tries to intimidate people with his cunning intelligence and fighting skills, Superboy sees right through it and calls the Boy Wonder out on his crap. No one else speaks to him that way. The same can be said for the reverse. They really have a unique and fun relationship.
Artist Scott Godlewski excels with the strange setting of Adventures of the Super Sons #6. This is an alien world in every definition of the word with bizarre flora and fauna in every direction. The boys encounter some small and adorable creatures and some huge and terrifying ones. These are unlike any animals on Earth too.

The alien nature of this world even comes through in the sounds these creatures make. Letterer Rob Leigh uses a different font for them as they unleash these strange noises, furthering the otherworldly feel of the setting. These soft touches help elevate the book as a whole.
While all this is great, Godlewski steals the show with one specific sequence, while Rex Luthor is outlining his dream of conquering Earth. There’s a great shot of him using the Hypercube to annihilate the Justice League where the heroes are literally crumbling. It’s a chilling idea represented perfectly by Superman’s look of shock and terror as his body starts to break up into tons of small pieces. It’s the eye that splits off that puts it over the top in the best way.

Tommy Tomorrow is a character I’m unfamiliar with, but you can’t deny how cool he looks. He’s like a space-faring version of Cable with a huge gun and a tattered cape. It’s interesting to see the signature Superman symbol on that too.
It’s amazing to see how far and wide Damian and Jon’s escapades have taken them. They’ve been fighting off Rex Luthor for a bit, but now they’re thrown for a loop with the arrival of Tommy Tomorrow. Although they’re presented with some life-or-death scenarios, the overall fun feeling of Adventures of the Super Sons is always present. There’s always a tone of hope and positivity despite all the obstacles they’re up against. It’s just part of what makes this such a great read.
Adventures of the Super Sons #6 from DC Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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