Atomic Robo: Dawn Of A New Era #1 Takes Its Title Seriously

by Tony Thornley

Picking up in the wake of the last few Atomic Robo stories, Atomic Robo- Dawn of a New Era #1 catches up with TeslaDyne in a completely new situation. This means, for fans of the franchise, the title is very literal.

Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegener, Shannon Murphy, and Jeff Powell introduce next chapter of the saga of Robo and Tesladyne. It’s not a conventional Atomic Robo story, but it’s fun for longtime fans.

Robo and the senior scientists at TeslaDyne are preparing for a new adventure, but not in a conventional sense. The old TeslaDyne–an R&D company–no longer exists, and the new version of the group is preparing for a new adventure. However, the sandbox style scientists may have multiple challenges coming their way.

I have long enjoyed the adventures of Atomic Robo. Clevinger and Wegener have been telling fun adventure stories for years. This more serialized and slower approach is a bit of a change of pace, but with the foundation the series has been built on, it works.

Clevinger’s script is still smart and funny. Here though, it’s much more founded in the characters, who are all interesting. Unfortunately, the story fails a bit as a first issue. One of the most important principles in comics is that every issue is someone’s first, and this issue is a bit more written as a continuation of the ongoing story rather than a jumping on point.

Wegener and Murphy’s art is great. It’s very expressive and energetic with fun work in body language, layouts and color work. One of my favorite things about Robo is that so much emotion is conveyed by a main character without a face. It remains true here, especially with a slower issue in this issue, where the character’s acting keeps us engaged.

While it may not be a perfect starting point for new readers, this is a fun chapter in the ongoing Atomic Robo saga.

Atomic Robo- Dawn of a New Era #1 is available now from IDW Publishing.

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