‘Herald Of Doom’ Will Conclude In Fantastic Four #9

by James Ferguson

Fantastic Four has kicked off an exciting new story arc called “Herald of Doom,” pitting Galactus against Dr. Doom with the Marvel Universe hanging in the balance. We’ll see the conclusion to this epic battle of the ages in April’s Fantastic Four #9. The fate of Latveria, the world, and the balance of Cosmic Power all rests on one big decision. One cruel act will forever change the relationship between Marvel’s First Family and Victor Von Doom. I don’t know if what they have could really be classified as a “relationship”, but I’m going to go with it.

Writer Dan Slott says:

This isn’t about heroes or villains. This is about justice. Reed Richards and his team were warned what would happen if they illegally entered Latveria. The word of Doom is final. This is out of his hands. For their crimes against this sovereign state, the sentence is…DEATH TO THE FANTASTIC FOUR!

This latest Fantastic Four series has been pretty fun, filled with the heart and family fun we know and love about these characters. This is a massive showdown so I’m definitely looking forward to how this wraps up.
Fantastic Four #9 is written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Aaron Kuder, with a cover by Esad Ribic. It’s set for release on April 24th.

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