The Dogs Are Out For Blood In The Trailer for John Wick 3

by Tito W. James

The cult classic hitman returns for his third big screen adventure in John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum. 

Joining Keanu Reeves is Halle Berry who will fight along side Wick as his mysterious ally, Sofia.

The subtitle Parabellum is Latin for “Prepare for war.” This is no doubt in reference to Wick breaking the code of assassins in Chapter 2 and being excommunicated from the underground world of assassins.

From the trailer, audiences can expect plenty of gunplay, neon lights and a katana-wielding motorcycle chase that looks ripped straight from The Villainess.

I’m an uber-fan of the first film in how it was able to deconstruct action movie clichés. I felt that Chapter 2 retread too much of the material from Chapter 1 and that Wick’s new dog was underutilized considering that the murder of his first dog was the crux of the previous film. I’m pleased to see that dogs will be featured in a more combative role in Chapter 3.

Viewers can expect John Wick 3 to be a decent action film, but John Wick is more than just cool fight scenes. John Wick went from being a tiny, independent film to the definitive action movie because of its unique world building and its subversion of audience’s expectations. I hope that Chapter 3 rekindles what makes this character special.

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